Time To Hit The Gym

Having a blog and not posting on it, is similar to having a gym membership and never using it: both are a waste of money and potential. However, both require effort and have a way of making you feel incredible when utilized properly. . . and terrible when neglected.

I have excuses as to why I haven’t posted lately: Nothing to write. Too much to write. Unsure about what I should write. . . Not going to censor myself. I should censor myself. New job. “What’s on Hulu?” Distracted. . . Undisciplined. . . “Haven’t you already posted something like that before?” Over-thinking everything.

And that’s the short list.

(You wouldn’t know this, naturally, but I just took a YouTube break that lasted five minutes)

The nice thing about this post for me is that I am actually writing for a change, instead of merely thinking about writing, or thinking about how I am not writing. The other great aspect of this post is that it has no purpose other than the reason I began writing this blog, and that was For The Purpose of Writing.

Is it vitally important to remember why you begin a project or task, and not forget why you started. So, though this post may have begun without a purpose, it has fortunately ended with one.

The same is true of life. You may not always know immediately why you were placed here on this planet, but you were–for a reason, so spend time finding out why. However, do it before your post here ends.

Good night.