The Error In Striving To Be King

David, the youngest son of Jesse of Bethlehem, did not tend to his father’s sheep because he wanted to kill Goliath. He did not serve in the courts of King Saul because he was planning a coup d’état to take the crown. David was doing exactly what he was supposed to be doing: his job. He also spent time developing his interests and talents, like playing the lyre.

We often place unnecessary pressure on ourselves by trying to succeed. We are in constant motion whether physically or mentally striving to be king—figuring out ways to accomplish our goals and whatever scheme may help us grasp the next rung on the “Ladder of Success.”

Education, more education, degrees, multiple degrees, workshops, certifications, internships, networking, careers, and the list that gives you a competitive, “sharp edge,” continues until you’ve become dull.

None of the above accomplishments or activities is inherently wrong, but they can be, if your decision making process begins to become more about what you think you should be doing, versus, what you enjoy doing. You were given that desire to explore a certain interest for a particular reason, and should pursue it despite fear, or the opinions of those sitting on the sidelines. [Disclaimer: If your desire is contrary to the Word of God, clearly you are not to pursue. God does not contradict Himself, and would not give you something that goes against His word. If the desire does this, then it is not from Him].

To spoil the end of the story for you, David did become king and his time spent playing before King Saul is one thing that helped to prepare him for that position. David did kill Goliath and secure the victory over the Philistines for the Israeli people, and his time spent serving his father as shepherd over his flock prepared him for that specific battle. Killing lions and bears pre-gunpowder era, develops a confidence that can rival even the most competitive members of Crossfit.

So don’t unnecessarily burden yourself with, “What should I do next?” God has you right where He wants you for the time being, so be sure to do it well and extract as much knowledge as possible during this time. Certainly, David’s greatest moments of foresight failed to show even him, that herding sheep and playing a harp would prepare him for victory over a great enemy and sitting on the throne one day, as king of Israel.

Be brave.