What Do You Do…

What do you do when your life does not look like the life you had planned? What do you do when your life does not look like the life that your parents had planned (for you)? What do you do when the more you try to find the answers to your questions, the more you become frustrated without any answers? What do you do when everyone around you seems to prosper, propose, and be promoted, but you’re left with bills, breakups, and being bypassed? What do you do when the friendships that mean most to you, begin to grow unsteady, falter, and eventually fail? What do you do when death has not lost its sting and strikes the families and friends you love most?

What do you do when you have failed?

You give thanks.

You give thanks that you still have the ability to plan your next steps, even if it’s as small as reading a new book. You give thanks that though your life may not look like the one you or your parents had planned; you have touched the lives of everybody around you and hopefully left them better than when you found them. You give thanks that though you might have more questions than you have answers, you are still striving to learn more and have no delusions of having it all figured out. Because guess what? No one ever does, or will. You give thanks when the people around you do well and rejoice with those who rejoice, and if you feel that life is passing over you, just know that sometimes, the best really is saved for last and might take a few extra days to arrive. The Ford Motor Company builds about 23,000 vehicles a day, Lamborghini – eleven. I’d much rather get caught pushing an Aventador than a Focus.

Finally, embrace each day you have with a family member or friend, because as we all know, nothing lasts forever. Nothing. Especially those moments that matter most, so cherish, love, and protect them to the best of your natural ability, because one day it will be gone for whatever reason and when it is, give thanks, for the good times.