The Path Less Traveled Ought To Be

Carving out your own path is a challenge (if you don’t agree, you’re probably whittling, at best). The reason is that so many of us expect there to be signs guiding us along the way. The absence of signs or road markers should be of no surprise, anymore than the absence of Starbucks when taking a stroll through a vast wilderness is (but who really knows how much longer that will last). As a result, this is generally when we begin to feel disoriented and sometimes fail, not because of a lack of direction or purpose, but because we replace the signs with people and their opinions. Lots and lots of opinions.

It should be cause for concern when we begin asking any person who will listen, “Am I heading the right way?” “What do you think about my plan?” “Do you think it’ll work?” “What would you do?” What would you do if you were me?” “What would you do if you were me and couldn’t understand why people like the show, Orange is the New Black?” That’s when I would shut up; stop talking; and start doing.

Opinions from the people you trust and love are often valuable and important to consider, and if they support you, great! But each day, it is you who must look in the mirror and be satisfied with the life you’re living, not those around you.