Bummed Out.

He hated that he hated what he was about to endure. It wasn’t that the situation was that difficult to navigate, but rather, he hated that it bothered him at all and he was now focusing on the very thing he was supposed to ignore. Bums. They’re as persistent as the stench that emanates from their pores, except when it comes to taking responsibility for the mess that is their existence.

He knew his thoughts lacked empathy, sympathy, compassion, and whatever other socially acceptable emotions he was supposed to have on public display during these encounters. That is why he kept those thoughts to himself, for the most part.

Unfortunately, those pleasant thoughts of peasants were interrupted most mornings, during his short walk from the parking structure to his office building. For being unemployed, they sure don’t seem to take a day off and this particular leg of his foot commute seemed to have piles of them along the sidewalk.

“Excuse me, sir?” Gosh dangit. You have got to be kidding me. Whatever you’re about to say, kid, the answer is, “NO.” Especially for someone as able-bodied looking as yourself. What are you, nineteen and pathetic? ‘Sir’ tried to ignore him, but caught a brief glimpse of cornea-contact and he knew he’d have to acknowledge him, at least 10 percent. “Do you have any spare change?” The young man continued. “Sorry, I don’t.” The ‘All-business’ man lied. It’s true that he didn’t have any money on him; it was a lie that he was sorry. He was actually thankful for the empty pocket because now he felt as though he hadn’t lied.

“Yes. You. Do.” Nineteen and pathetic replied.

Is this jerk serious?!

“ACTUALLY, I don’t.” All-business responded with a tone that made the pigeons pickup their pace.

“I said, ‘God Bless, you’.” The young man softly explained, almost as though it were more for the leaves blowing by than the man blowing by.

All-business continued his walk without looking back as if he were deaf, and in some respects, he was.