Netflix and Cilantro

I just stopped preparing a taco salad to make a point.

Writer’s block doesn’t exist. It’s a figment of our imaginations. If you can think, and
possess the ability to type, you can write.

I’ll tell you what does exist: indecision and fear. Not once have I introduced myself to
someone and upon starting a conversation with the person, had him or her interrupt
me, to hand me a note that said, “I’m sorry, I’m suffering from talker’s block. Please try
again later when I am inspired to talk.” I have met people who are concerned about
what to say and how they will be perceived, especially in new, or uncertain
environments and situations, but to this day, the ‘talker’s block’ experience has eluded

I started this blog about two and a half years ago and have only posted 17 times. Why?
Indecision mostly, mixed with a little fear. Those are stupid excuses, but honest ones . . .
Mostly honest anyway. YouTube and Hulu have been known to waste more than a little
bit of my time – and Netflix. Can I sue them for that? I’ve never seen any warnings
alerting me of the dangers associated with watching too much entertainment. How
many irreplaceable hours have I wasted utilizing their products instead of writing? I could have built a giant wall by now, or read through 55,000 emails.

Whether it’s writing a blog, or pursuing a new interest, what are the real reasons for the
delay? Chances are, the reasons aren’t real.

Now, back to the cilantro. And Netflix.

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