Hypocritical Critics

We hate hypocrites. In large part that is why we hate politicians. They say one thing and do the other, or do one thing and say the other. Their motives are often self-serving and disingenuous, moved and manipulated by those who have purchased their loyalty, or simply by their own insatiable quest for power.
Tragedy strikes through evil and barbaric attacks on innocent lives, and while the blood of the
victims is still running down walls, political strategists and speech writers are running down
halls with the latest draft of palatable populist propaganda to pander to the public. They preach
love, unity, respect but then hate, divide and disrespect their political opponents.
Their hypocrisy frustrates us to the point of nausea as we point our righteous fingers at these
megalomaniacs and yell, “Liar!” While we, ourselves, begin to curse strangers for the political
views of a bumper sticker slapped on the back of a slow-moving Chevy Volt in the carpool lane,
and decide which friends, colleagues and family members we would no longer save from a
burning building; all while beginning the long, slow, process of unfriending those on Facebook
who hate our hypocrite more than we hate their hypocrite.
Then, there is you and me.
We* protest violence with violence. Racism with racism. Sexism with sexism. We loathe the 1%
for their greed and dishonesty (yes, collectively, all top earners, without fail, are greedy,
dishonest, degenerates), but fail to recognize it in our own lives; when, if given the same
opportunity to amass vast sums of wealth, many of us would engage in the same practices, if
not worse.
No? Ask yourself if you have ever left income off of your tax return, cheated on a test, or
realized the store didn’t charge you for an item and never returned to pay for it. After all, it was
their mistake. Being too trivial? Where does it start? If you cannot be trusted with little, you
certainly cannot be trusted with much.
So, do we really hate these hypocrites that much? Or do we hate seeing a side of us, in others,
that we don’t want to acknowledge in ourselves?

*Meaning ‘they’, certainly no readers of this blog